October 21, 2015

Insurance Company

A prominent insurance company, realizing the value of the web but not how to leverage it, contacted Large Impact to bolster their on-line presence. They were already on the web, but their web presence was confusing with 3 web addresses and websites. The search engines simply did not know where to go and the company was consistently on page 3 of Google Search. We started by streamlining their web presence to two web addresses going to one website.

Since then we have redeveloped their website to be responsive and mobile-friendly, created a tag line and refreshed their logo and brand, managed their listings on the BBB site, managed their account with SuperPages/Dexmedia, direct social media profiles and posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, created a Video Content Marketing campaign and YouTube channel and advised them on their accounting and CRM database needs. We have increased their social media presence from occasional to scheduled. Their online presence is monitored and charted.

Traffic to the website and calls have increased and there is now actionable data on the demographics of site visitors and YouTube viewers to guide in new marketing efforts and programs. They now have the facts they need to create a usable, sensible media budget that has a Large Impact on their business.

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